Continuous Improvement Principles

Continuous Improvement Principles

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Continuous improvement is governed by a set of natural laws. These are not quite set in stone in the long term, as business changes over time. But in the short term, these are true and guide how your actions will impact your operation.
We truncate how we list our principles into simple rules. For example, “Build Relationships” is the rule associated with the principle that strong, positive relationships are good for business.

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Continuous Improvement Principles
  • Phase 2 Principles Summary

    Episode 1

    Each phase of our Continuous Improvement Development System is governed by a set of principles. This video summarizes our Phase 2 (Committing) principles.

  • Build Relationships (Phase 2 Principle)

    Episode 2

    Our Continuous Improvement Development System is principle driven. One of the Phase 2 principles is "Build Relationships".
    You can learn more at

  • Build Relationships (Phase 2 Principle) PREVIEW

    Episode 3

    This is a preview of our full "Build Relationships" video. It is a phase 2 principle.