CI Development System Phase Videos

CI Development System Phase Videos

7 Seasons

We have an extensive Continuous Improvement Development Guide to help you progress through the phases of creating a continuous improvement oriented business management system.

The sheer number of topics (and videos) to digest is daunting. This series is intended to help guide you through these resources in an organized manner.

CI Development System Phase Videos
  • Phase 3 Overview. Continuous Improvement Development System

    Episode 1

    Phase 3, Starting the Journey, is where the effort to build a better business management system really starts in earnest.

  • 3 Ways to Sneak Lean Into Your Company

    Episode 2

    Pounding people over the head with Lean concepts doesn't work. Instead, try to create demand for what Lean offers. This video article covers three different ways to get people wanting Lean...without even knowing it.

  • 13 Ways to Apply Lean Principles to a Small Business

    Episode 3

    Lean works in small businesses, but takes some special effort. Learn more in this video.

  • Why is Lean often called a Journey?

    Episode 4

    You will often hear Lean efforts referred to as a journey. This FAQ talks about why.

  • Why are there so many Lean specialties?

    Episode 5

    Over the last several years, there has been a rise in specialized branches of Lean. I answer why in this short FAQ video.

  • Why are there so many Japanese terms in Lean? (FAQ)

    Episode 6

    Study Lean for any length of time, and you will come across an abundance of Japanese terms. I answer why that is in this short FAQ video.

  • 1/3, 2/3 Rule

    Episode 7

    The 1/3, 2/3 rule is a rule of thumb for planning. It is intended to make sure a leader gives her team enough time to complete their work.
    It is a Video Term from Phase 3 (Starting the Journey) of our Continuous Improvement Development System.
    Learn more at

  • 100 Mile Rule (Video Term)

    Episode 8

    People on continuous improvement project teams have constant pressure on them to leave the team to go take care of things in their day to day job. This rule of thumb can help them decide when to leave.

  • Parkinson's Law (AUDIO TERM)

    Episode 9

  • Lean Office Overview (Legacy Module - Recorded Webinar)

    Episode 10

    Service organizations are gaining an ever-increasing role in the global economy. On top of that, increased productivity and global competition has reduced the percentage of shop floor employees and increased those in administrative roles in companies that manufacture physical products. The Lean o...

  • 11 Principles of a Lean Office (Audio Article)

    Episode 11

    This is an audio article. It is based on an article from our Continuous Improvement Companion reference guide. No video content accompanies this audio program.

  • Communication (Audio Term)

    Episode 12

  • Policy Deployment (AUDIO TERM)

    Episode 13

  • 12 Ways to Start Building a Continuous Improvement Culture

    Episode 14

    This recorded webinar gives several ideas on how to build a continuous improvement culture. Features Jeff Hajek and Tim McMahon.

  • Better Football Metrics and Lean (Video Article)

    Episode 15

    Offenses and defenses are generally ranked based on points scored and points allowed. The problem is, that doesn't account for different conditions faced by each squad.You'll face similar problems when creating metrics for Lean operation.

  • Does Your Company Measure Up? Using Metrics to Improve Performance

    Episode 16

  • The Harder Right Over the Easier Wrong (Lean Lesson)

    Episode 17

    As a leader in a Lean organization, there is a lot of pressure on you to hit your metrics. It can take a lot of moral fortitude to choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

  • How Many KPIs Should We Have? (FAQ)

    Episode 18

    Tracking metrics is an important part of Lean. Overdoing it, though, can cause bigger problems. Learn more about KPIs in this FAQ video.

  • Working With Metrics

    Episode 19

    One of the major changes employees will experience in a continuous improvement focused company is the prevalence of working with many measurements. "Working With Metrics" explains why metrics are used, discusses pros, cons and costs, and touches on how to work within a metrics-driven organization

  • How Do I Determine Cost Savings in Lean?

    Episode 20

    One of the challenges with Lean projects is determining how much they saved. This short FAQ answers the question of how to figure that out.

  • Problem Solving (AUDIO TERM)

    Episode 21

  • Not Recognizing Problems is a BIG Problem (Lean Learning Video)

    Episode 22

    Knowing and using a problem solving methodology is only part of the battle. Another part of the fight, and for some, a HUGE part, is recognizing there is a problem in the first place. Far too often, people become numb to problems and don't try to solve them. This video give you 10 ways to help yo...

  • Luck (Audio Term)

    Episode 23

  • PDCA Overview (Legacy Module Video)

    Episode 24

    The PDCA cycle, or Plan Do Check Act, provides a systematic way to approach problems. This structured approach increases the likelihood of developing a lasting solution. This video of a narrated PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of the PDCA cycle and shows you how to start using it to bui...