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Training Module Videos

Training Module Videos

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Our training modules are our most comprehensive tools in your kit to learn and/or teach continuous improvement.
Some are available in our subscription service. Our more advanced titles are only available as a Trainer Resource.

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Training Module Videos
  • Kanban Overview

    Episode 1

    Kanban is a visual tool to manage your material flow. Using it helps you reduce inventory while eliminating much of the waste that goes hand in hand with firefighting material shortages.

  • Standardization Overview

    Episode 2

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Standardization class. It covers what standardization is, how people respond to it, the various types and levels of standardization, and more.

  • Value Added (VA) / Non-Value Added (NVA) Work

    Episode 3

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Value-Added / Non Value-Added class. It covers the definition of value-added work and non value-added work. It provides an overview of how to look at the concept of value as it affects your push for continuous improvement.

  • Standard Work (Legacy Module Video)

    Episode 4

    Standard work provides consistency and structure to an operation. It combines a steady pace balanced to takt time, standard quantites of work-in-process, and sequential tasks assigned to a each operator to reduce variation anhd highlight problems.
    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are ear...

  • Waste Identification (Legacy Module Video)

    Episode 5

    Identifying waste is a core skill for a person in a Lean organization. This video helps people learn to structure their review of a process by breaking the waste down into seven categories. For most people, it is easier to recognize waste when it is looked at in this manner.