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Watch this video and more on Velaction Videos

Quality Overview (Training Module Video)

Quality Overview (Training Module Video) • 29m

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  • 7 Basic Tools of Quality

    The 7 Basic Tools of Quality (or 7 QC Tools) is a collection of data analysis and problem solving tools used in continuous improvement.

    They include:
    * Cause and effect diagram (or Ishikawa diagram or fishbone diagram)
    * Control charts
    * Pareto charts
    * Scatter diagram
    * Histogram
    * Check shee...

  • Ramblings of a CI Coach. Episode 7. W...

    Inspections make people take production risks they might not take if they were working without a safety net. In this video, the latest in the Ramblings of a Continuous Improvement Coach series, I address many of the psychological pitfalls of inspections.

  • 100% Inspection (FREE EXCERPT)

    Learn why 100% inspections are not really the indicator of good quality that they seem to be. (FREE PREVIEW)
    Read more about this concept in our Lean Guide at