Continuous Improvement Trainer/Leader Resources

Continuous Improvement Trainer/Leader Resources

If you are a trainer and want more resources to teach your team about continuous improvement, you have come to the right spot.
This package contains access to a wealth of our downloads for use throughout your company (specific licenses vary).
Your account will also allow you access to the included videos, which you may also play for an audience.
Please note that this package builds upon the standard Continuous Improvement Central subscription. The videos on that service are not duplicated here, and many forms, tools, and other downloads are only available as part of CI Central.

Most of these downloadable materials come with a corporate license that allows your company to keep using the downloadable materials when your rental period expires.
Specific licensing terms are available with the product descriptions at Most are limited to a single reporting unit, usually identified by the organization having its own president (i.e. a holding company would need a license for each company it owns). Licenses are limited to companies with 20,000 or fewer employees. You are allowed to modify the non-PDF materials and share within your own company (no sharing with outside companies).

We will contact you after purchase to assign your license to your company.

You can learn more about our training modules at our webstore.

NOTE: You will only need to have one trainer in your company get this product. The downloadable material may be shared within the company. Any other trainer can get the “video only” pack.

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Continuous Improvement Trainer/Leader Resources

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