Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys. Seat License

Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys. Seat License

When you have a medical condition, you can treat the symptom, or you can treat the underlying problem. You don’t have to be a doctor to know which option is better. Unfortunately, finding the source of the ailment can be a challenge, which is why some people simply slap Band-Aid after Band-Aid on their ailments.

In problem solving, people often do the same. They treat the surface issue without diving deep enough into their analysis to figure out what is at the heart of the problem. Unfortunately, problems don’t get solved unless they find the root cause and eliminate it once and for all. They tend to come back, or pop out sideways with a new symptom.

Getting to the bottom of a problem is known as root cause analysis, and the 5 Whys is one of the simplest tools for finding your way there. This module covers the general concept of root cause analysis, and goes into detail about how to use the 5 Whys.

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Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys. Seat License

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  • Root Cause Analysis and the 5 Whys (Legacy Module Video)

    To solve a problem, you must first fully understand it. Far too often, people treat symptoms rather than actually solve problems. This video, a narrated PowerPoint presentation, discusses root cause analysis, and one of its primary tools, the 5 Whys.
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