Quality Overview. Seat License

Quality Overview. Seat License

Quality is critical to the success of an organization, but teams often have only a limited understanding of how to achieve it.

Without good quality, a company can’t survive. Their costs are too high, and their customers are dissatisfied. Not a good combination.

Fortunately, Lean places a heavy emphasis on improving quality as a way to reduce waste.

This overview on quality covers the following topics:

How quality is defined
How quality affects operations
The cost of poor quality
How quality is measured
How Lean addresses quality
The culture of quality (Leadership and Teamwork)
How to improve quality
This module is intended to align frontline employees with the company's quality efforts. It presents information in a down-to-earth, relatable way that will engage team members, and move them closer to committing to the quest for zero defects.

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Quality Overview. Seat License

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  • Quality Overview

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Quality Overview class. It covers the definition of quality, several ways to look at it, and ways to improve it.