Policy Deployment. Seat License

Policy Deployment. Seat License

Having a vision of where an organization wants to go is only half of the job of senior corporate leaders. They also have to turn those big-picture goals into something specific that the frontline leaders across the company can do within their own areas of responsibility.

Policy Deployment is the process that connects strategy to action. It takes big goals, breaks them down into 3-5 year and annual objectives, and turns them into improvement priorities that cascade down throughout the organization. The structured approach is designed to make sure that the actions people take will, in fact, result in a successful strategy.

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Policy Deployment. Seat License

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  • Policy Deployment

    This policy deployment video is a recording of a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It discusses what policy deployment is, it's benefits, and how to get started using it more effectively lead your organization.

    It is a "Legacy" Video.