Poka Yoke Overview (Recorded Webinar).Seat License

Poka Yoke Overview (Recorded Webinar).Seat License


The cost of poor quality can be extreme, and even then, it is still often underestimated. Don’t settle for less than perfect quality. Learn the secret of mistake proofing, also known as poka yoke. This is the art of building quality into the process. Poka yokes / mistake proofing devices make it impossible to make an error that will lead to a defects and waste.

This highly visual training covers:

> Why mistake proofing is important
> How to mistake proof
> The types of poka yoke devices

This presentation is packed with examples, and is entertaining, so it will keep your students' attention for the entire class.

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Poka Yoke Overview (Recorded Webinar).Seat License

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    Poka yoke (mistake proofing) devices are among the best ways to improve quality, as they prevent errors before they can cause defects. This recorded webinar dicussses how to put poka yokes in place.

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