Phase 5 (Ramping Up) Pack. Corporate License

Phase 5 (Ramping Up) Pack. Corporate License

This pack contains Lean Training System module videos from Phase 5, Ramping Up, of our Continuous Improvement Development Guide.
A corporate license allows the account holder to download the video for use by any current employee of the company designated as the licensee at the time of purchase. This corporate license is permanent and non-transferable. It is for use by a single reporting entity only (i.e. an independently operating company. Holding companies would need a license for each subordinate company.)

IMPORTANT: Note that Module Groups and Phase Packs contain the same content, organized differently. We recommend that you choose one type of packs or the other to prevent purchasing duplicate content.

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Phase 5 (Ramping Up) Pack. Corporate License

4 Videos

  • Critical to Quality Overview

    This short video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It goes beyond our Working with Metrics and Managing with Metrics videos, and does a deep dive into the metrics that relate to specific, important customer requirements.

  • Poka Yoke (Legacy Module - Recorded Webinar)

    Poka yoke (mistake proofing) devices are among the best ways to improve quality, as they prevent errors before they can cause defects. This recorded webinar dicussses how to put poka yokes in place.

    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are early efforts. Still great content, but the resolu...

  • Quality Overview

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Quality Overview class. It covers the definition of quality, several ways to look at it, and ways to improve it.

  • Value Stream Mapping / VSM (Current State)

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Value Stream Mapping Overview class. It covers what a VSM is, why it is useful, how to make the current state map, and more.