PDCA Overview. Seat License

PDCA Overview. Seat License

The PDCA module covers the basics of one of the most important concepts in continuous improvement. Whether you know it as the Deming Cycle, PDCA, or Plan-Do-Check-Act, this way of thinking about problems is one of the biggest engines for improvement in the Lean toolkit.

In addition to being a valuable stand-alone tool for coming up with solutions to pressing problems, the PDCA cycle is embedded in many other Lean tools. A3 Thinking is based on PDCA, as is the kaizen process. Countermeasures and daily management also both use this system of problem solving at their core.

PDCA also acts as the mortar that holds many other tools together. The 5 whys and the cause & effect diagram are both part of the plan step. Kanbans and Standard Work are both frequently used in the act step.

Whether you want to teach your team or just want to learn more on your own, you'll find great information in this module.

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PDCA Overview. Seat License

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  • PDCA Overview (Legacy Module Video)

    The PDCA cycle, or Plan Do Check Act, provides a systematic way to approach problems. This structured approach increases the likelihood of developing a lasting solution. This video of a narrated PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of the PDCA cycle and shows you how to start using it to bui...