Lean Overview. Seat License

Lean Overview. Seat License

While Lean is a proven business philosophy that results in world-class performance, it can be intimidating to team members.

This Lean overview presents the concepts behind Lean in a familiar way, and pulls back the curtains so the principles of Lean do not seem so mysterious.

In this module, students will

Gain an understanding of what Lean is
Learn several familiar non-work examples of Lean concepts
Learn the personal "What's in it for me?" that will help them more fully engage in change
This presentation is intended to transition teams from traditional companies to a Lean working environment, as well as to introduce Lean concepts to new employees of a Lean company. It establishes the case for Lean, and explains how many of the principles of Lean are common sense. It is intended as an orientation to Lean for an organization in transition, or for new hires into a Lean company.

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Lean Overview. Seat License

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  • Lean Overview

    This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It provides an overview of what Lean is, a brief history, why it is used, and a variety of other general information about the Lean philosophy of improvement.