Lean Office Overview (Recorded Webinar). Corp Lic

Lean Office Overview (Recorded Webinar). Corp Lic


This product is a corporate license for our Lean Office Overview video.

LICENSE: A corporate license allows the account holder to download the video for use by any current employee of the company designated as the licensee at the time of purchase. This corporate license is permanent and non-transferable. It is for use by a single reporting entity only (i.e. an independently operating company. Holding companies would need a license for each subordinate company.)

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Lean Office Overview (Recorded Webinar). Corp Lic

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  • Lean Office Overview (Legacy Module - Recorded Webinar)

    Service organizations are gaining an ever-increasing role in the global economy. On top of that, increased productivity and global competition has reduced the percentage of shop floor employees and increased those in administrative roles in companies that manufacture physical products. The Lean o...