Lean Management Overview. Seat License

Lean Management Overview. Seat License

Creating a Lean management structure is like building the foundation for a house. In and of itself, the management system does not change the value seen by a customer, but it does create a framework upon which to attach the tools that do change customer perceptions.

This module shows how many of the key management tools in Lean fit together to align the efforts of leaders at all levels of the company. Policy deployment, daily management, operations reviews, value stream mapping, countermeasures, and KPIs are all pieces of this leadership puzzle.

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Lean Management Overview. Seat License

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  • Lean Management Overview (Legacy Module Video)

    This video, a recording of a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System, shows how various Lean management tools work together to create a business system focused on improvement.
    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are early efforts. Still great content, but the resoluti...