Kanban Overview. Seat License

Kanban Overview. Seat License

A kanban signal is a visual managment tool that authorizes the movement, production, or purchase of materials. When used as part of a material management system, kanban helps make materials flow smoothly, delivering more value with less waste.

When it is time to learn about this concept, not all Lean training is created equal. Ours stands apart because of its deep integration with our Lean training system. Add our kanban card tool, 11-page term on PDF, and MP3 to get even more out of this training. Plus, combine it with other modules (topics) to build a comprehensive Lean training capability. (TIP: Get the best values on this training by buying it as part of a bundle.)

Our Kanban Overview Training:

> Describes what a kanban is
> Shows how to begin using a kanban signals effective
> Describes several types of kanban
> Shows the basics of setting up a kanban system

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Kanban Overview. Seat License

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  • Kanban Overview

    Kanban is a visual tool to manage your material flow. Using it helps you reduce inventory while eliminating much of the waste that goes hand in hand with firefighting material shortages.