Flow Charts (Recorded Webinar). Seat License

Flow Charts (Recorded Webinar). Seat License


Flow charts provide a graphical representation of a process. They are highly versatile, with applications in both standardizing processes as well as improving them.

Few Lean tools are as well recognized as the Flow Chart. It is commonly used to document processes, but really shines when doing the process walk and working to improve an operation through kaizen. A Flow Chart makes the waste in an operation leap off the page at you. It also highlights areas when taking good measurements can help improve a process.

This short module covers the details of making a process flow chart and includes a hands-on training exercise.

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Flow Charts (Recorded Webinar). Seat License

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  • Flow Charts (Legacy Module - Recorded Webinar)

    This video is a recorded webinar of the Flow Charts class from our Lean Training System. It covers the benefits of a flow chart, how to make one, and how to put your flow chart to use in your improvement efforts.

    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are early efforts. Still great content, ...