Daily Management (Recorded Webinar). Seat License

Daily Management (Recorded Webinar). Seat License


Daily management provides a stable foundation upon which Lean can grow and prosper. In essence, daily management is the application of the PDCA cycle to an operation in a repetitive, systematic way.

Every morning, a plan—a realistic, fact-based plan—is formed, and the team tracks its ability to follow it. When there is a deviation, it is immediately apparent, and root cause analysis can be instantly applied to find a solution.

This structured methodology of running an operation lets the team and its leaders align their efforts and conserve their limited improvement resources by making sure they are used for the most critical problems first.

Don’t waste another day running your operation by gut feel. Establish daily management right now, and create the foundation upon which you can build a successful team.

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Daily Management (Recorded Webinar). Seat License

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