Countermeasures (Recorded Webinar). Seat License

Countermeasures (Recorded Webinar). Seat License


One of a leader's functions is to set goals for his or her organization, and then make sure that the team stays on track in meeting those objectives.

But the adjustments needed to stay the course don't happen by accident. One structured approach to closing the gaps between reality and plan is to use a countermeasure. Think of it as 'A3 Lite', but with a specific purpose: to get a KPI or other metric back on track.

One of the unique features of this tool is the 'countermeasure accounting' it uses to compare the action plan to the miss, and ensure that there is enough being done to get back on target.

Countermeasures work best when there is a systematic leadership system in place, including annual strategic planning with policy deployment, well-defined KPIs, and monthly operations reviews

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Countermeasures (Recorded Webinar). Seat License

1 Video

  • Countermeasures (Legacy Module - Recorded Webinar)

    This video is a recorded webinar of the Countermeasures class from our Lean Training System. It covers an overview of what a countermeasure is, why it is useful, and who is responsible for doing them. It also shows you how to use our countermeasure sheet to help manage your improvement efforts.