Control Charts Overview. Seat License

Control Charts Overview. Seat License

Once a process is established and becomes somewhat consistent, it can be very difficult to identify subtle shifts in output. Control charts are an early warning system that indicates when a process becomes unstable. They make the identification of changes much easier, and more importantly, much earlier.

This presentation teaches the basic use of control charts for frontline operators. It covers:

Why control charts are useful
The basic principle behind control charts, explained with a hands-on demonstration
How to update a prepared chart
How to interpret a control chart
Please note that this class does not cover the mathematics behind preparing a control chart. It is intended to train the people who will be using a control chart prepared by a subject matter expert.

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Control Charts Overview. Seat License

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  • Control Charts Overview

    This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It covers the basics of updating and monitoring control charts in a production environment. This includes both office and shop floor operations.