CI Trainer/Leader Video Pack (3 Month Promo)

CI Trainer/Leader Video Pack (3 Month Promo)

This is a promotional, 3-month version of our Continuous Improvement Video Pack. It is available via a free code with select products purchased via
If you are buying access without a promotion, please choose the version with the full one-year access.
This package allows you to watch a wealth of our videos for the duration of our rental period. Many of these videos are geared to leaders. Some also may be videos of more advanced concepts to teach to your team.
This rental is for a single account holder. The videos may be played for an audience within your own company.

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CI Trainer/Leader Video Pack (3 Month Promo)

1 Video

  • A3 Thinking Fundamentals

    This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It covers the basics of creating an A3 report with a special focus on its relationship to PDCA.

    A3 thinking centers around the A3 Report, designed to guide the problem solving process and communicate progress to al...