Change Management. Seat License

Change Management. Seat License

Most people are familiar with the term "change management", but few leaders take an active approach to it when their team is in transition. They don’t make a plan. They don’t involve and educate their team in decisions. And they don’t focus on understanding what the team will get out of the change.

The reasons why leaders don’t spend much energy on change management frequently boils down to one of two things. Either they don’t understand the close correlation between effective change management and project success, or they don’t know how to manage change. This module addresses both reasons, and more.

This training is applicable for leaders at all levels, plus key lessons can be extracted and added to frontline employee training sessions in preparation for upcoming changes.

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Change Management. Seat License

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  • Change Management (Legacy Module Video)

    This video is a recording of a narrated Change Management PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It explains the importance of effectively managing change, plus gives some tips on how to make changes go more smoothly.
    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are early efforts. St...