5S and Visual Management.

5S and Visual Management.

5S is a means of organizing and maintaining a workspace to promote effective operations. This level of organization allows visual management, which is the practice of making conditions in a workplace obvious so problems and opportunities can be immediately addressed.

When it is time to learn about this concept, not all Lean training is created equal. Ours stands apart because of its deep integration with our Lean training system. Don't settle for just a 5S PowerPoint presentation. Add a student guide, a Lean Lego training exercise, a free 14-page 5S Lean Term on PDF, and even a DVD of our 5S PowerPoint training in action. Plus, combine it with other modules (topics) to build a comprehensive Lean training capability. (TIP: Get the best values on this training by buying it as part of a bundle.)

Our 5S Lean Training (with Visual Management):

>Covers the concept of 5S and how to implement visual controls
>Shows teams how to organize their workspace to be more effective
>Saves trainers time by giving them materials they can use in their entirety or to add to existing training programs
>Can be edited and modified for use throughout a company with our corporate license
>Uses both office and shop floor examples to make it applicable throughout an organization

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5S and Visual Management.

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  • 5S and Visual Management (Legacy Module Video)

    5S and visual management are valuable tools to have in your toolkit. They make workplaces more effective and make them easier to manage.
    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are early efforts. Still great content, but the resolution is lower and the look is dated. But we don't increase the p...