Overview of the Problem-Solving Process

Overview of the Problem-Solving Process

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Overview of the Problem-Solving Process
  • Problem Solving Definition

    Despite seeming like a simple term, most people don't share a common understanding of what "Problem Solving" really means.

    This video can be viewed as a stand-alone term, or as part of our A3 Thinking or Problem Solving courses.

  • The Problem with Problems

    What are "problems", and why are they so hard to solve? Learning the barriers to problems is the first step in tearing them down so you can solve them better.

  • Problem Barrier Assessment Sheet

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    This tool is designed to help uncover insight into why problems are not being solved in your company. Knowing the barriers is the first step in removing them.

    This item may be removed from CI Central at any time without notice.

  • Types of Problems

    While all problems are unique, they fall into a handful of general categories. Knowing about these categories helps you approach the problem in a more effective manner.

  • 10 Year Old Mindset (Video Term)

    When we are young, we have a thirst for knowledge and are not embarrassed to ask questions when we don't know the answer to something. That mindset is crucial for continuous improvement.

  • Problem Solving (AUDIO TERM)