Premium Bonus Downloads

Premium Bonus Downloads

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We want to make your subscription to our video service as valuable as possible to you as you progress on your continuous improvement journey.

One of the ways we do that is to provide some of our premium digital products to you on a rotating basis.

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Premium Bonus Downloads
  • Policy Deployment Student Guide

    1.18 MB

    Policy Deployment is the process that connects strategy to action. It takes big goals, breaks them down into 3-5 year and annual objectives, and turns them into improvement priorities that cascade down throughout the organization.

    This student guide from the Policy Deployment Module in our Lean ...

  • Policy Deployment PowerPoint

    4.07 MB

    Policy deployment is the process by which strategy is turned into actionable tasks that can be done by frontline employees. While today's employees are sophisticated and intelligent, they are also often focused on the world in which they operate. Often, they have no way of understanding how they ...