PowerPoint Training Slideshows

PowerPoint Training Slideshows

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This collection contains PowerPoint slideshows from our Lean Training System. These slideshows are revised versions of the presentations used to create our Lean Training System module videos.

These slideshows come with a corporate license. You are allowed to share them within your own company (limited to a single reporting unit with fewer than 20,000 employees). The license is permanent and is assigned to the company of the account holder's email. If you are using a personal account, contact us at [email protected] to assign the account's license to a company.

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PowerPoint Training Slideshows
  • Waste Identification Slideshow (Download)

    2.83 MB


    This is a slideshow version of our Waste Identification PowerPoint presentation.

    It is a later version of the slides used to make our Waste Identification video.

    This item may be removed from CI Central at any time without notice.