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New Releases

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We strive to provide you with fresh content. Rather than making you search for our new releases, we've created this location for you to stay current.

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New Releases
  • Ramblings of a CI Coach. Episode 1. Be Ready for After the Crisis.

    Episode 1


    This is the first edition of a new series I am trying out. I get lots of thoughts about how the Continuous Improvement philosophy relates to things, and I love to ramble on about them. So, I decided to put those thoughts on video and see whe...

  • Ramblings of a CI Coach. Episode 2. Set a Strategy for Self-Improvement.

    Episode 2

    In Episode 2 of my Ramblings of a Continuous Improvement Coach, I talk about how you can go about setting a strategy for self-improvement. With many of you having some extra time on your hands right now, you have an opportunity to spend some time padding your skill set to get the next job you are...