Kaizen Sustaining Gains (Training Module Video)

Kaizen Sustaining Gains (Training Module Video)

This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It covers how to sustain gains made during a kaizen event.
If you are not a subscriber and don't want use our free trial, you can watch a slightly abridged version with ads at YouTube (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKANwHwMNDhrEXOn-kr0RS5wokWI6OTkb)

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Kaizen Sustaining Gains (Training Module Video)


  • Kaizen Audit Form

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    Making gains is only part of the improvement battle. Making gains stick is the hard part. The Kaizen Audit Form is a tool to help you manage follow-up activities of your event as well as to make sure that process changes don't backslide.

  • Kaizen Newspaper

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    The Kaizen newspaper is a tool that can be used both during the improvement process and as a list of follow-up action items. Regardless of when it is used, it is important to assign names and dates, and then manage the list to make sure that assignments are finished on time.

  • How Important Is It to Report Cost Savings for Every Kaizen Project?

    We know it is important to track facts and data in Lean. But how important is it to immediately report the cost savings that come from every single individual kaizen project?