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Guest Videos

7 Seasons

We've arranged all of our unlocked videos and excerpts in one convenient place for guests. Our excerpt videos are followed by the full, member-only videos.

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Guest Videos
  • Phase 6 Overview. Continuous Improvement Development System

    Episode 1

    In Phase 6, you will be challenged with keeping momentum, and with integrating new advances in Lean thinking.

  • 3P / Production Preparation Process

    Episode 2

    3P (Production Preparation Process) is a powerful tool for making major changes in your processes or products.
    This video term gives you an overview of what 3P is and why it can help you.

    Don't forget to download the accompanying forms and tools.
    1) 7 Ways Idea Generation Form
    2) 7 Ways Comparis...

  • A3 Thinking Term (Part 1)

    Episode 3

  • A3 Thinking Term (Part 2)

    Episode 4

  • A3 Thinking Fundamentals (Excerpt)

    Episode 5

    The full video is available at

  • A3 Thinking Fundamentals (Training Module Video)

    Episode 6

    Watch the unlocked GUEST VERSION

    This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It covers the basics of creating an A3 report with a special focus on its relationship to PDCA.

    A3 thinking centers around the A3 Report, designed to guide the problem solving proces...