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Guest Videos

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Guest Videos
  • Customer Service Observations

    Episode 1

    Over the course of a few weeks, I had to interact with customer service several times in several different companies. I took away a set of lessons about how to practice customer service that aligns with a continuous improvement culture.

  • Heading Off Emotional Responses at Work

    Episode 2

    It is easy to get triggered with an emotional response at work, but that seldom works out for the best. In this video, I talk about the mental process to go from an event happening to getting some sort of result.

  • Follow Your Process to Prevent Chaos

    Episode 3

    Deviating from a set process can create a ripple effect of chaos up and downstream.

  • Better Football Metrics and Lean (Video Article)

    Episode 4

    Offenses and defenses are generally ranked based on points scored and points allowed. The problem is, that doesn't account for different conditions faced by each squad.You'll face similar problems when creating metrics for Lean operation.

  • How Do You Define Success?

    Episode 5

    I was answering a question for a friend about blogging, and decided to demonstrate. Sorry about the lighting and the poor camera angles. I'm experimenting with some new equipment, got distracted from doing the basics. The big changes--different audio setup with a boom mic, fixed lighting on booms...

  • Learning Lean by Doing - Just Like Tesla's Autopilot

    Episode 6

    Tesla's autopilot is collecting data on how to improve itself as it is used--basically learning by doing. Your Lean approach should be similar.

  • You Never "FIND" Time for Continuous Improvement

    Episode 7

    I get asked fairly often about how to "find" the time to do continuous improvement. It is the wrong question. The time is not lost. It is a matter of prioritization.

  • Never Trust a Windfall: A Lesson on Data Collection and Analysis

    Episode 8

    When you understand your process and it is stable, you should get predictable results. If the outcome is bad, we generally check on what went wrong.
    But if the outcome is unexpectedly positive, we tend to believe it. But unless something changed in your process, it is extremely unlikely it miracu...