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Guest Videos

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Guest Videos
  • How To Create A Decision Matrix

    Episode 1

    This video is based on the free decision matrix we offer to our newsletter subscribers, but shows the general principles of turning gut-feel decisions into more quantitative ones.

    It does this primarily by breaking bigger decisions into smaller ones and weighting those factors based on importa...

  • Not Recognizing Problems is a BIG Problem (Lean Learning Video)

    Episode 2

    Knowing and using a problem solving methodology is only part of the battle. Another part of the fight, and for some, a HUGE part, is recognizing there is a problem in the first place. Far too often, people become numb to problems and don't try to solve them. This video give you 10 ways to help yo...

  • Sometimes People ARE the Problem (Lean Learning Video)

    Episode 3

    In Lean, there should be a focus on investigating the process when there is a problem before looking at people. But sometimes, the process is strong and most people do it well. This video addresses that situation.

  • Find Opportunities in Strengths as Well as Weaknesses

    Episode 4

    When most people think of improvement opportunities, they immediately think of problems. If you are missing a target, that is a good place to start, but sometimes there is more upside opportunity in a strength.

  • Build a Lean Infrastructure (Lean Lesson)

    Episode 5

    Creating a successful continuous improvement culture is challenging. Eliminate some of the obstacles by developing a Lean infrastructure that supports your CI efforts.
    The stronger your Lean infrastructure is, the easier it is to use Lean tools and apply Lean philosophies.
    That structure keeps ...

  • Kaizen Problem Statement

    Episode 6

    An effective problem statement for your kaizen will keep you focused. It will also help you 'sell' the need for the project to acquire resources.

  • Kaizen Team Selection

    Episode 7

    Selecting the right team will increase you kaizen event's chance for success.

  • Seek the Truth (Lean Learning Video)

    Episode 8

    In this short video, I talk about a quote I recently heard on a TV show. It is extremely applicable to many Lean/Continuous Improvement concepts.

  • Lean Manufacturing Overview: Lean vs. Batch Manufacturing (Lean Lesson)

    Episode 9

    This is one of the first videos we developed. While the production quality is low, the visual of how materials move in a lean company vs. a batch company still provides great learning.

  • The Interception Ladder and Causation vs. Correlation (Video Article)

    Episode 10

    There is a link between the number of interceptions a team throws and the likelihood that the team won that playoff game. I dive into that linkage and explain the difference between correlation and causation.

  • The Harder Right Over the Easier Wrong (Lean Lesson)

    Episode 11

    As a leader in a Lean organization, there is a lot of pressure on you to hit your metrics. It can take a lot of moral fortitude to choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

  • Managing Upward: You can change your boss's behavior.(Lean Lesson)

    Episode 12

    While bosses control the lion's share of their relationships with employees, employees can behave in a way to modify their leader's behavior.

  • Practice What I Preach: How Batching Caused Me More Work (Lean Lesson)

    Episode 13

    Overproduction and batching tend to create or hide other forms of waste. In this video, I discuss how a mistake was compounded by overproduction.

  • 13 Ways to Apply Lean Principles to a Small Business

    Episode 14

    Lean works in small businesses, but takes some special effort. Learn more in this video.