Guest Videos

Guest Videos

7 Seasons

We've arranged all of our unlocked videos and excerpts in one convenient place for guests. Our excerpt videos are followed by the full, member-only videos.

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Guest Videos
  • Phase 2 Overview. Continuous Improvement Development System

    Episode 1

    Phase 2, Committing, is when the final decision to move forward with a continuous improvement oriented business management system is made.

  • Lean Overview Guest Version

    Episode 2

  • Lean Overview (Training Module Video)

    Episode 3

    This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It provides an overview of what Lean is, a brief history, why it is used, and a variety of other general information about the Lean philosophy of improvement.

  • Build Relationships (Phase 2 Principle) PREVIEW

    Episode 4

    This is a preview of our full "Build Relationships" video. It is a phase 2 principle.

  • Build Relationships (Phase 2 Principle)

    Episode 5

    Our Continuous Improvement Development System is principle driven. One of the Phase 2 principles is "Build Relationships".
    You can learn more at

  • 3 Reals (Video Term)

    Episode 6

    The 3 Reals are a memory device to get people to stop solving problems in a conference room and go where the process is done.