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Guest Videos

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Guest Videos
  • 1/3, 2/3 Rule

    Episode 1

    The 1/3, 2/3 rule is a rule of thumb for planning. It is intended to make sure a leader gives her team enough time to complete their work.
    It is a Video Term from Phase 3 (Starting the Journey) of our Continuous Improvement Development System.
    Learn more at

  • 3P / Production Preparation Process

    Episode 2

    Phase 6: Ramping Up (Video Term)

  • 5 Principles of Lean

    Episode 3

    In Lean Thinking, Daniel Jones and James Womack lay out 5 principles of Lean manufacturing. This is a video term from our Continuous Improvement Companion, available at

  • 10 Year Old Mindset (Video Term)

    Episode 4

    When we are young, we have a thirst for knowledge and are not embarrassed to ask questions when we don't know the answer to something. That mindset is crucial for continuous improvement.

  • 11 Cs of Lean Leadership

    Episode 5

    The 11 C’s of Lean Leadership provide a listing of the characteristics that are important for a Lean leader to possess.

  • 100% Inspection (FREE EXCERPT)

    Episode 6

    Learn why 100% inspections are not really the indicator of good quality that they seem to be. (FREE PREVIEW)
    Read more about this concept in our Lean Guide at

  • Tolerance Stackup (Video Term)

    Episode 7

    Slight variations on parts can 'stack up' to cause a system to be out of spec, even when all the parts are within spec. Learn more in this term from our CI Development Guide.

  • Better Not Perfect (Commentary about this Lean Term)

    Episode 8

    There is a point of diminishing returns in your continuous improvement efforts. In this episode, I talk about the application of this Lean term. You can read the full description of this continuous improvement term at and can download our full 700+ pa...