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  • CIDG Vol. II Continuous Improvement Companion


    The Continuous Improvement Companion is our comprehensive guide to CI terminology.

    LICENSE INFO: This product comes with a permanent individual license, once downloaded (i.e. the license is valid even after your subscription ends). It may not be shared or transferred in any way. If you would lik...

  • New Releases

    5 seasons

    We strive to provide you with fresh content. Rather than making you search for our new releases, we've created this location for you to stay current.

  • Continuous Improvement Development Guide Phases

    9 videos

    We've broken down the development of a continuous improvement culture into phases.

  • CI Development System Phase Videos

    7 seasons

    We have an extensive Continuous Improvement Development Guide to help you progress through the phases of creating a continuous improvement oriented business management system.

    The sheer number of topics (and videos) to digest is daunting. This series is intended to help guide you through these...

  • How To Create A Decision Matrix

    This video is based on the free decision matrix we offer to our newsletter subscribers, but shows the general principles of turning gut-feel decisions into more quantitative ones.

    It does this primarily by breaking bigger decisions into smaller ones and weighting those factors based on importa...

  • Downloadable Content

    6 seasons

    Subscribers get access to loads of materials including many forms & tools. Most downloads carry a permanent license that is valid after you end your subscription.
    This collection contains materials to help you get more out of our videos and find success on your Lean journey.

    To get all the mater...