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Downloadable Content

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This collection contains materials to help you get more out of our videos and find success on your Lean journey.

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Downloadable Content
  • Continuous Improvement Development Guide. CIDG Vol. I (Ind. License 2-11-21)

    1.45 MB

    This is the overview of our Continuous Improvement Development System that is intended to help you build a CI oriented business management system. It is the February 11, 2021 version with an individual license.

  • The Continuous Improvement Companion CIDG Vol II (Individ. License, 1-31-2021)

    12.2 MB

    The Continuous Improvement Companion is Volume II of our Continuous Improvement Development Guide. Version 2021-1-31
    It is available here with your subscription.

  • Decision Matrix Template

    955 KB

    The Decision Matrix Template is a tool to help you prioritize things, primarily in problem solving. It allows you to set your decision criteria, and provides a uniques way to prioritize those decision factors. Tool is expandable to allow you to choose the number of options and criteria you need.