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6 Seasons

This collection contains materials to help you get more out of our videos and find success on your Lean journey.

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Downloadable Content
  • CI Development System Phase 1 Checklist (Introduction and Exploration)

    84.5 KB

    Phase 1 is the most ambiguous phase. It can take a long time for leaders to feel ready to commit, if the ever get there. Or they can jump right in almost immediately.
    The most important task on this checklist is the designation of someone as the standard bearer for the changes that will come: th...

  • The Continuous Improvement Companion. CIDG Vol. II (Version 2020-6-21)

    14.4 MB

    The Continuous Improvement Companion is Volume II of our Continuous Improvement Development Guide.Version 2020-6-21
    It is available here with your subscription.