Continuous Improvement Terms

Continuous Improvement Terms

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Our continuous improvement reference guide is massive in both breadth and depths. It's got a lengthy list of terms, both common and obscure. And these terms go way beyond simple definitions. We like to talk about how to apply the concepts behind the term to make your operation more effective.

This directory is great for simply looking up the meaning of a term, or for diving in deep as part of a training program or during a project.

In addition to the videos here many terms also have downloadable PDFs. We've got a lot of companion content on our main website as well. Simply click "Lean Guide" at the top of the screen to get more information.

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Continuous Improvement Terms
  • Job Satisfaction (Audio Term)

    Episode 1

  • Jidoka (Video Term)

    Episode 2

    Jidoka is “autonomation”, or automation with a human touch. It is the concept of setting up machines to identify problems and stop production.
    It also entails the premise that any problems discovered should have a quick fix and a permanent solution developed. Jidoka is one of the core pillars of ...