CI Development System Phase Videos

CI Development System Phase Videos

7 Seasons

We have an extensive Continuous Improvement Development Guide to help you progress through the phases of creating a continuous improvement oriented business management system.

The sheer number of topics (and videos) to digest is daunting. This series is intended to help guide you through these resources in an organized manner.

CI Development System Phase Videos
  • Phase 4 Overview. Continuous Improvement Development System

    Episode 1

    In Phase 4, Building the Foundation, the bedrock of your continuous improvement tools are laid.

  • 10 Random Tips to Help Supercharge You on Your Lean Journey

    Episode 2

    This recorded webinar provides a handfule of powerful tips to help with your continuous improvement efforts. Features Jeff Hajek and Tim McMahon.

  • Waste Identification (Legacy Module Video)

    Episode 3

    Identifying waste is a core skill for a person in a Lean organization. This video helps people learn to structure their review of a process by breaking the waste down into seven categories. For most people, it is easier to recognize waste when it is looked at in this manner.

  • 7 Wastes (Audio Term)

    Episode 4

  • 15 Sounds that Shout Waste (Audio Article)

    Episode 5

    This is an audio article. It is based on an article from our Continuous Improvement Companion reference guide. No video content accompanies this audio program.

  • CLOSED MITT (Audio Term)

    Episode 6

  • Value Added (VA) / Non-Value Added (NVA) Work

    Episode 7

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Value-Added / Non Value-Added class. It covers the definition of value-added work and non value-added work. It provides an overview of how to look at the concept of value as it affects your push for continuous improvement.

  • 5 Principles of Lean Customer Value (Audio Article)

    Episode 8

    This is an audio article. It is based on an article from our Continuous Improvement Companion reference guide. No video content accompanies this audio program.

  • Value Added Work Quick Check

    Episode 9

    This video from our virtual consulting series covers how you can get a quick read about how much value added work there is in an operation.

  • Standardization Overview

    Episode 10

    This video is a narrated presentation of our Standardization class. It covers what standardization is, how people respond to it, the various types and levels of standardization, and more.

  • Standardization (AUDIO TERM)

    Episode 11

  • Follow Your Process to Prevent Chaos

    Episode 12

    Deviating from a set process can create a ripple effect of chaos up and downstream.

  • Standard Work (Legacy Module Video)

    Episode 13

    Standard work provides consistency and structure to an operation. It combines a steady pace balanced to takt time, standard quantites of work-in-process, and sequential tasks assigned to a each operator to reduce variation anhd highlight problems.
    WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN? Legacy videos are are ear...

  • Standard Work (AUDIO TERM)

    Episode 14

  • Cycle Time (Audio Term)

    Episode 15

  • Takt Time (AUDIO TERM)

    Episode 16

  • Standard Work in 8 Not So Easy Steps (Audio Article)

    Episode 17

  • How To Create A Decision Matrix

    Episode 18

    This video is based on the free decision matrix we offer to our newsletter subscribers, but shows the general principles of turning gut-feel decisions into more quantitative ones.

    It does this primarily by breaking bigger decisions into smaller ones and weighting those factors based on importa...

  • Kanban Overview

    Episode 19

    Kanban is a visual tool to manage your material flow. Using it helps you reduce inventory while eliminating much of the waste that goes hand in hand with firefighting material shortages.

  • Kanban (Audio Term)

    Episode 20

  • Kaizen Event (Audio Term)

    Episode 21

  • 8 Things To Avoid to Make Your Kaizen More Successful

    Episode 22

    Knowing what to do is part of the battle. Knowing what NOT to do is another big part. This recorded webinar features Tim McMahon and Jeff Hajek.

  • Kaizen Problem Statement

    Episode 23

    An effective problem statement for your kaizen will keep you focused. It will also help you 'sell' the need for the project to acquire resources.

  • Kaizen Team Selection

    Episode 24

    Selecting the right team will increase you kaizen event's chance for success.