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CI Development System Resources

Never Trust a Windfall: A Lesson on Data Collection and Analysis

4m 31s

Up Next in Phase 3: Starting the Journey

  • 5S Workstations

    Make a 5S workstation to remove obstacles to good workplace organization. This video talks about what to include in your workstation, why to build one, and how it acts to remove excuses that come from a resistance to change.

  • 7 Basic Tools of Quality

    The 7 Basic Tools of Quality (or 7 QC Tools) is a collection of data analysis and problem solving tools used in continuous improvement.

    They include:
    * Cause and effect diagram (or Ishikawa diagram or fishbone diagram)
    * Control charts
    * Pareto charts
    * Scatter diagram
    * Histogram
    * Check shee...

  • Ramblings of a CI Coach. Episode 4. G...

    10% is a good target for the portion of your company's work hours that should be focused on continuous improvement. It strikes the balance between enough to make good gains, without overdoing it and causing chaos on your team.