A3 Thinking Resources (A3 Template Included)

A3 Thinking Resources (A3 Template Included)

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This is a self-guided learning program to help you learn how to use A3 Thinking in your problem solving. It also includes an A3 Template in various formats (A3, 11x17, 2 page 8 1/2x11).
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This is a growing program. Season 1 contains our Lean Training System materials organized for your use. Stay tuned for future seasons.

Please read the descriptions for licensing information. The A3 Template is licensed for corporate use and may be shared within your company. PDFs, unless otherwise specified are licensed for individual use and may not be shared in any format. Corporate licenses for PDF content are available at VelactionStore.com.
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A3 Thinking Resources (A3 Template Included)
  • A3 Thinking Fundamentals (Excerpt)

    Episode 1

    The full video is available at https://video.velaction.com/a3-thinking/season:1/videos/a3-thinking-fundamentals.

  • A3 Thinking Fundamentals (Training Module Video)

    Episode 2

    Watch the unlocked GUEST VERSION

    This video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation from our Lean Training System. It covers the basics of creating an A3 report with a special focus on its relationship to PDCA.

    A3 thinking centers around the A3 Report, designed to guide the problem solving proces...

  • A3 Thinking Fundamentals Student Guide (Individual License)

    493 KB

    Companion to our A3 Thinking Training Module Video. Follow along and take notes on important concept. Comes with a permanent, non-transferrable individual license for the account holder. Corporate license available through "Corporate Add-on" in the menu or at Velactionstore.com

  • Data Collection (Training Module Video- Recorded Webinar)

    Episode 3

    This video is a recorded webinar of our Data Collection class from our Lean Training System. It covers the types of data, methods of data collection, using the data you collect, and more.

    THIS IS A LEGACY VIDEO. Legacy videos are are early efforts. Still great content, but the resolution is lowe...

  • Countermeasures (Training Module Video - Recorded Webinar)

    Episode 4

    This video is a recorded webinar of the Countermeasures class from our Lean Training System. It covers an overview of what a countermeasure is, why it is useful, and who is responsible for doing them. It also shows you how to use our countermeasure sheet to help manage your improvement efforts.